Ikebana Sushi Bar 2017 Visa Sal! Dining Program Dorado Carolina Guaynabo Puerto Rico Loyalty Rewards

Get 20% Discount every Wednesday with the 2017 Visa Sal! Dining Program!

Get 20% Discount every Wednesday with the 2017 Visa Sal! Dining Program!

The New Visa Sal! Dining Program 2017 is back! And on this occasion, we proudly announce that our three Ikebana Sushi Bar & Japanese Restaurants are participating for your enjoyment. Just head to any of our restaurant venues in Dorado, Carolina or Guaynabo and be rewarded!

This season, you will receive a 20% discount when you pay with your Visa debit or credit card from the total bill. Just mention to your host #MiercolesVisa and receive your discount in your guest check.

As you know, Ikebana Sushi Bars are the leading Japanese Restaurant in Puerto Rico. And six times winner of the Sal! Award for the best Sushi category.  And in partnership with Visa, you are rewarded for both being a loyal customer and cardmember. Why don’t you invite your friends for a fun evening filled with cocktails, wines, craft beers and of course, our excellent Creative Sushi!

And the Visa Sal! Dining Program is part of the Ikebana Sushi Loyalty Rewards Program, so you will accumulate points when you check in your visit in the Loyalty Card section of our App for iPhone and Android.

No other Japanese Sushi Restaurant in Puerto Rico will offer you any of our Special Discounts, Events, and Rewards. Visit our Facebook Fan page for more details of the Visa Sal! Dining Program and our venue locations. And don’t forget your Visa card!

Loyalty Rewards Program like no other!

Our Ikebana Sushi Loyalty Rewards program is the Best in Puerto Rico and the only one available for any Sushi restaurant of our category. Not to mention, we have been chosen as the Best Sushi Bar Restaurant in Puerto Rico for the past six years by Sal! Awards 2016.

To earn and redeem your points is very simple. Just visit any of our Ikebana Sushi Bars Restaurants. Enjoy your lunch or dinner along with your family or friends. At the end of your meal, ask your host to punch your visit in the section of the Ikebana Sushi Loyalty cards. It is that simple!

You will receive a 10% discount on your third visit, and another 10% discount at your seventh visit. Once you complete the ten visits, you will receive a Free Bottle of Wine for being our Loyal Customer! But hurry up, you got until March 31, 2017, to complete your ten visits and earn your reward!

In fact, being our Loyal Customer got its advantages! You are not only enjoying the best Sushi in Puerto Rico but also earning rewards for every visit at any of our Ikebana Sushi Bar restaurants.

Download our Sushi Reward Loyalty Apps for iPhone or Android!

Explore our Spring Season Loyalty Cards at the Digital Section of your Ikebana Sushi Bars Loyalty App. Ultimately, if you haven’t downloaded our Apps, now it’s a perfect time! Install our Apps at www.Ikebana.Online

No other Sushi restaurant in Puerto Rico offers you a Sushi Loyalty Rewards like ours. Significantly, the Discounts and Special Offers you receive are no matches to our competitors’ offers. Indeed, that’s a fact for sure!

Make sure to join our Newsletter and be informed first hand of our new functions. By the same token, Thanks for downloading our Ikebana Sushi Loyalty Reward Apps!

Hope to see you next Wednesday at the Visa Sal! Dining Program!



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