Ikebana Sushi Bar Guaynabo Goodwill Ambassador Ocean Lab Brewing

Ikebana Sushi Bar – Guaynabo becomes the First Goodwill Ambassador for Ocean Lab Brewing Co.!

Ikebana Sushi Bar – Guaynabo becomes the First Goodwill Ambassador for Ocean Lab Brewing Co.!

GUAYNABO, PUERTO RICO – May 09, 2018 – Ikebana Sushi Bar – Guaynabo, the leading Japanese Restaurant in Puerto Rico, proudly announced that it became the first Goodwill Ambassador for Ocean Lab Brewing CoIkebana Sushi Bars offers the full line up of Craft Beer bottle selections from Ocean Lab Brewing Co.’s exclusive portfolio ever since they started operations in Isla Verde.

The Goodwill Ambassador designation its an honor for the restaurant and Craft Beer fans alike, as they will experience the best Craft Beers from Ocean Lab Brewing Co. in Guaynabo. All their beer selections are in perfect pairing with our Creative Sushi Menu.

Our customers love Craft Beers, and of course, our Creative Sushi. Everything we do, from the pairing of our dishes with our Craft Beer Menu selections, it’s completely innovative. We are raising now the standard by including the full line up of Craft Beers from Ocean Lab, considered as one of the best native breweries in Puerto Rico. We look forward to adding their new seasonal beers which are now in the pipeline. Ocean Lab’s Craft Beers and our Creative Sushi are a match made in Heaven!” said Héctor K. Rivera, CHA, co-owner of Ikebana Sushi Bars & Japanese Restaurants.

“We know Ikebana Sushi Bar’s commitment to offering only the best Craft Beers available in Puerto Rico for their customers. And we gladly accepted the challenge from Hector. We are extremely excited that we surpassed their expectations and that our Craft Beer selections are displayed prominently in their Puerto Rico Micro-brewed section” said Luichi Fernandez, Co-Owner of Ocean Lab Brewing Co.

Ocean Lab Brewing Co. entire line up of Craft Beers at Ikebana Sushi Bars includes:

(B.O.B.) Blood Orange Blonde – Blonde Ale with a Citric infusion
Ocean IPA (India Pale Ale) – Hoppy as an IPA should be
Ocean Blonde Ale – The Classic refresher
Ocean Pale Ale – Perfectly Beach balanced
American Wheat Ale – Witbier that rivals any German counterpart
Sunset Amber Ale – Full of Flavor with an Excellent aftertaste

As a token of appreciation for the Goodwill Ambassador designation, Ikebana Sushi Bars received from Ocean Lab Brewing Co. an exclusive, distinctive uniform shirt with the restaurant logo and the honorific title prominently displayed!

About Ikebana Sushi Bars & Japanese Restaurants Puerto Rico

Established in 2002, Ikebana Sushi Bars & Japanese Restaurants has been chosen consistently as the best Sushi Bar in Puerto Rico. With a restaurant venues in Guaynabo, Ikebana is the innovator of the Creative Sushi concept, using only the freshest fish and seafood. With its award-winning dishes, a unique collection of craft beers, sakes, and cocktails, Ikebana caters to the most demanding customers, offering the best service, quality of products and restaurant ambiance. For more information about Ikebana Sushi Bars, visit www.IkebanaSushiBars.com

About Ocean Lab Brewing Co.

Ocean Lab Brewing Co. is a beach-side brewery located in Puerto Rico that aims at crafting smooth and flavorful beer experiences to be enjoyed in sunny conditions. We’re always experimenting with new beers. Some stay and some are limited-time only. Our tight-knit team monitors every phase of the brewing process, making sure each batch is prepared to perfection. We don’t fool around with ingredients. Ocean Lab Brewing Co. was born on the beach, and our brews fully embrace this. For more information about Ocean Lab Brewing Co., visit www.OceanLabBrewery.com

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